In Greece, most families still gather around the table for dinner every evening, children inherit their grandparents' names and the third generation has quite an important role in their children's everyday life and their grandchildren's upbringing. In 1998, thinking about my connection with the people I love, I started making portraits of the people I call "family", relatives and friends: my brother Nikos with Maria pregnant and then his mother in law with their then newborn baby, Katerina, my friend Maria, my grandmother displaying her wrist-watch, my father right after his heart surgery, my friend Michalis with his cigarette burning, Yiannis, the day he married Maria, then my mother posing for me, and my little brother Orestis, dressed-up after a school parade. None of them look the same any more. The may have divorced, grown old, left, or even died, but their essence, their meaning and presence stay intact, as powerful as ever. It is as if time "reshuffles" reality, meanwhile what gets imprinted - in a photograph, in one's memory - remains the same, out of time, eternally ours.